Schools Fall Victim to State "Robin Hood" Games

lliposts.jpg” alt=”" width=”31″ height=”46″ />Socialism: What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine? Mi casa es su casa? A primary goal of socialism is social equality. Impossible. The reality of socialism is that social equality is a myth and what actually occurs is a redistribution of wealth. We live in a class system and our schools are naturally part of a class society. The class system is not defined at birth, as some may have been brainwashed into believing. Wealthy families were created, somewhere down the road, by someone’s sacrifice, dedication, blood, and sweat. It is simply survival of the fittest.

As a child, we watched Robin Hood steal from the rich and give to the poor. We thought this was a noble act as we crowned him a hero. The image in the movie, Robin Hood, was created by the poor, dressed in ragged clothing, splitting a crumb of food amongst a family of six. The rich, or royalty, live in a shiny castle and radiate elegance in rich materials and experiences. The rich therefore become easy to hate. We categorize them as evil. We automatically victimize the poor. The problem with wiping out the class system and creating social equality is a matter-of-fact question: who would Uncle Sam, or Robin Hood, steal from to keep funding the poor? Continue reading