Elmo Obama Knows What Is Best For Your Child

I remember a little running joke that was told when I was in grade school that seems to be timeless, when asked what my favorite period was I would reply “Lunch period”. You get to take a break from your classes and meet up with friends for a bite to eat. Pizza and chicken parmesan days I think were weekly staples for schools across the country. Our cafeteria even had an A La Carte section where you could go up for an ice cream sandwich, snack, special drink or extras that weren't available in the regular lunch lines.

Maybe food and school, together as a combination, hold even more memories for you. Bake sales to support your sports team or extra-curricular club. Pizza parties for the class hitting a goal that seemed out of reach in regards to grades. Stopping by the school store for some M&Ms or other candy on your way to the next class. Are these memories that you also have? Continue reading